DonorSpring is with you
at every stage of the donor lifecycle.

Donor Discovery: Automatically Find New Supporters

get matched with potential donors who are aligned with your mission.

  • In the dynamic landscape of nonprofit fundraising, identifying the right donors who resonate with your mission is time consuming and expensive.

    Purchasing data outright can be cost-prohibitive with the average cost of a working email running at $1-2 each. Purchasing an email does not guarantee an opted-in contact much less a conversion.

    DonorSpring makes big data accessible and affordable to nonprofits by aggregating the tech and data in one place. We harness the power of advanced algorithms and data analysis, so you can connect with high-quality leads who have demonstrated an interest in your work at a fraction of the cost. Our technology leverages a data pool of more than 20 million active users and automatically matches your organization with potential donors who share your values and mission.

Donor Cultivation:
Grow Your Community

Introduce new potential donors to your organization through THE welcome series and watch you email list grow

watering donations
  • Building a strong donor community starts with a warm welcome. Our Welcome Series is designed to introduce new potential donors to your organization through a carefully crafted email campaign that we will develop together. To grow your community, we will continuously roll out your welcome series to thousands of donors discovered through our platform, giving them the opportunity to join your mailing list. Watch your email list grow as we engage, educate, and inspire these individuals to become dedicated supporters of your cause.

Donation Pages: Maximize Contributions

Optimize conversions with customized donor pages utilizing predictive analytics.

machine learning
  • Your donation pages are where the magic happens. Your fully branded page is completely customizable, using your organization’s assets, colors, tone of voice, and domain name.

    Using predictive analytics, we tailor these pages to the preferences of your donors, ensuring a seamless and personalized giving experience. Watch your contributions soar as donors feel more connected and compelled to support your mission.

Payments: Streamlined Financial Transactions

Process credit card, PayPal, and Apple Pay payments with ease.

credit card security
  • Processing payments doesn't have be a hassle. Our Payments feature simplifies the financial aspect of your organization.

    Securely accept credit card, Google Pay, and Apple Pay payments with ease, giving your donors flexibility and convenience. 

Sustaining Donors: Cultivate Ongoing Support

Keep your growing community engaged with ongoing personalized fundraising content.

illustration of people donating
  • Donor relationships shouldn't end after a single donation.

    Keep your growing community engaged with personalized fundraising content that encourages ongoing support and easy recurring donation pledges.

    Nurture lasting connections with donors who are committed to your cause, ensuring a sustainable future for your organization.