DonorSpring LLC
Content Policy

All Content (SMS, MMS, email, etc.)

This section of the Content Policy applies to the use of any product or service, including but not limited to SMS, MMS, and email, whether provided directly or indirectly by DonorSpring.  By using any product or service provided by DonorSpring, you agree to this Content Policy.

The messaging, creatives, calls-to-action, and all other other content of any DonorSpring program, as well as website of an DonorSpring prospect or client may not contain or promote the following content:

Pornographic or obscene content 

Hate; Violence

Illegal Content

IP Infringement; Violation of Third-Party Rights

Protected Health Information: 

Sensitive Data

Fraudulent messages, deceptive marketing, malicious content (such as malware, viruses, or downloads from non-secure locations) or any content that is designated to intentionally evade filters.

SMS- and MMS-Only Prohibited Content 

To stay in compliance with carrier guidelines and the law, users of the DonorSpring SMS- and MMS-specific services must follow certain rules with respect to messaging content, in addition to the content prohibited across all products and services above. DonorSpring will not provide its service to any client that violates the below content prohibitions. 

The messaging, creatives, and calls-to-action content of any DonorSpring SMS- and/or MMS-programs, as well as website of an DonorSpring SMS- and/or MMS-program prospect or client may not contain or promote the following content:

SHAFT Content (sex, hate, alcohol, firearms, tobacco): 






Gambling: The gambling category is prohibited.

Illegal Content

Sweepstakes: sites that primarily run or aggregate sweepstakes or contests.

Marketing/lead/commission generation services and affiliate marketing programs, including multi-level marketing.

Aggregation services that don't actually sell a product but link to external services, including job boards and job alerts from third-party recruiting firms, work-from-home opportunities, and secret shopper services.

Direct carrier competition messaging about phone plans.

High Risk Financial Services

Debt Forgiveness

Content from any company whose privacy policy indicates that it sells personal information, including any lead generation that indicates the sharing of collected information with third parties.