Raise More from New and Existing Donors

DonorSpring’s machine-learning powered solution connects your nonprofit with new donors and increases donations from existing ones. Get a free demo today.

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The Problem

You are missing out on millions of potential donations

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Underfunding prevents nonprofits from achieving their missions.
Existing solutions are overly complicated and outdated.
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Development teams are overworked and understaffed.

The Solution

A comprehensive platform that works with you

DonorSpring helps you:

● Connect with new donors.
● Raise more from existing supporters.
● Personalize outreach to each individual.

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Automated Growth

Scale your outreach with the only solution that automatically identifies and adds new donors to your organization’s database without any work on your part.

Seamless Data Unification

Understand your supporters and their motivations with valuable and actionable data collected at each step of the donation cycle.

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Machine Learning

Increase donor engagement and conversion with AI that personalizes the experience of each donor.

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Ease of use

Save time and effort with built-in technical assistance and fundraising advice.

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Safeguard the valuable data of your donors and nonprofit with integrated security tools.

How it works


1. Sign up

Easily start with no complicated onboarding and no contract required.

2. Outreach

Send personalized outreach to your supporters and watch as thousands of new ones are automatically added.

3. Relax

Watch the donations roll in while knowing your data is secure and support is always available.
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No Financial Risk
Personalized Donor Experience
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About Us

Our mission is to democratize and diversify how nonprofits raise money to empower long term growth.

We founded DonorSpring because our experiences fundraising and running a nonprofit left us fed up with the second rate technical solutions available to nonprofits. Solutions that are, in many cases, years behind what is available to for-profit companies.

At DonorSpring, we are creating the solution we wish we’d had — technology that is as powerful as the missions of the nonprofits we serve.

Co-Founder & CEO
Raised more than $56 million for various causes.
Co-Founder & Chairman
President of one of the largest nonprofits in New York where he oversaw a budget of more than $126 million.
Chief Technology Officer
More than a decade of computer science knowledge including ML & AI.
Chief Marketing Officer
More than seven years of startup marketing experience across media, consumer, and tech.
Chief Strategy Officer
Multiple years of expertise in strategic consulting projects
and expansion playbooks for several nonprofits.

Raise More & Save Time

Devote more time to your important mission and stop worrying about where to find their next generation of donors with DonorSpring.

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